Bo Asmus Kjeldgaard working at the IT-University to develop education in ”Sustainable management”

Bo Asmus Kjeldgaard is engaged at the IT-University in Copenhagen to develop a new course in Sustainable Management.

”In Copenhagen, the green and sustainable agenda are of highest priority. It is an honor for me to develop new educations in ”Sustainable management”, so a lot of young people in the future will be qualified to lead the society in a more responsible and sustainable direction”.

Bo Asmus Kjeldgaard.

His entrepreneurial efforts in the field of sustainability both national and internationally is the background for the engagement.

Bo Asmus Kjeldgaard working as EU Commission Expert

Starting with February 2016, Bo Asmus Kjeldgaard, Greenovation CEO, joined the European Commission’s panel of Experts. As an accredited expert, he will provide his knowledge on topics such as sustainability and climate adaptation.

It is extremely valuable to be involved in climate change and environmental projects at an European level. The players and the major projects one interacts with provide a great optimism regarding climate adaptation at an European level.” Bo Asmus Kjeldgaard.

His activity as a former mayor of Copenhagen and the entrepreneurial efforts in the field of sustainability, have contributed to his current title of European Commission Expert. This type of collaborators are selected from Member States of the EU, based on their high-level expertise in the relevant fields of research and innovation.