Master Class: Copenhagen’s road to CO2-neutrality

7. or 11. september 2019 – in connection to the C40-week.

Greenovation offers this unique MasterClass in connection to the C40 in Copenhagen in September. The Master Class will tell the Copenhagen story about being the first CO2 neutral Capital, use of Clean Clusters, and you will learn about the newest advangements in energiproduction including tenders which combine hydrogen and windenergy.

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Danish touch in renovation of Beijing hutong

Photo provided by China Daily

In 2012, Copenhagen and Beijing signed an agreement to help each other in sustainable development. During this time, many cooperation initiatives have been developed between the two cities. On September 24th, Copenhagen hosted the Sino-Danish Roundtable on Livable Cities, where representatives from both cities exchanged ideas and worked on joint projects.

Li Zhaohong, executive deputy director of the Dongcheng Administrative Committee, presented the Qinglong Hutong Community renovation plan at the meeting. The project will take place a the aforementioned area, in Beijing, and it’s being developed by the Danish company Archiland. In words of his CEO Mads Jensen Moller, the project will be gray, green and blue, which are the colours representing mobility, soft connectivity and water.

You can read more about this new here.


C40 cities to be Fossil-Fuel-Free by 2030

Picture by Pedro Gandra

Many cities around the world are taking stridces to bring a solution to the air pollution derived from transport and traffic. The mayors of Copenhagen, London, Paris, Los Angeles, Barcelona, Quito, Vancouver, Mexico City, Milan, Seattle, Auckland and Cape Town have recently signed the C40 Fossil-Fuel-Free Streets Declaration, which aims to ensure that a major area of their cities are zero emission by the year 2030.

A third of greenhouse gas emissions from C40 cities are derived from transport, and traffic is the most significant source of air pollution. This issue impacts both the economy and the public health of the cities, costing  1% of GDP and 4.5 million premature deaths, according to recent studies.

Read the complete article here, and discover more about the C40 network here.

Source: Sustainable Brands

Bo Asmus Kjeldgaard working as EU Commission Expert

Starting with February 2016, Bo Asmus Kjeldgaard, Greenovation CEO, joined the European Commission’s panel of Experts. As an accredited expert, he will provide his knowledge on topics such as sustainability and climate adaptation.

It is extremely valuable to be involved in climate change and environmental projects at an European level. The players and the major projects one interacts with provide a great optimism regarding climate adaptation at an European level.” Bo Asmus Kjeldgaard.

His activity as a former mayor of Copenhagen and the entrepreneurial efforts in the field of sustainability, have contributed to his current title of European Commission Expert. This type of collaborators are selected from Member States of the EU, based on their high-level expertise in the relevant fields of research and innovation.