Our values

Working towards the future

The values we are driven by at Greenovation are rooted in Bo Asmus Kjeldgaard’s work as a mayor and the Danish political culture and commitment to sustainability:

Life-quality. Climate adaption solutions should provide a city for the people, a place that is green, safe and culturally rich. Each city has its own specific context that needs to be taken into account in order to get the optimal solution for the people living in it.

Sustainability. Thinking green is thinking forward. At Greenovation we not only believe that politics should commit to make cities more environment friendly, but also that sustainability is the best way to achieve the well-being of citizens and a steady economic development of local economies.

Communication and engagement. Long term solutions can be implemented and sustained only by involving all the relevant stakeholders in discussion and co-creation processes. Getting insights from civil organisations and citizens is as crucial to green transitions as having the political will to make projects become a reality.