Bo Asmus Kjeldgaard

 About Bo Asmus Kjeldgaard

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CEO & Founder of Greenovation

Bo Asmus is committed to finding solutions that combine sustainability and quality of life! He has established Greenovation Holding as a platform for his current work and collaborations, where he offers consultancy in sustainability, urban development, green mobility, sustainable business growth, coaching in leadership and political management.


Bo Asmus graduated in political science from Aarhus University. He worked as a secretary for minister, manager at government institutions and major projects. Besides Greenovation, he has also co-founded Aqua-Green ApS and Sustainable Platforms.


As Mayor of Copenhagen for several years and chairman/member of a number of major environmental companies, he had the opportunity to develop numerous sustainable projects. He has been involved in the development of the old Copenhagen as a modern city with wind turbines, harbour swimming, super bike lanes, 100,000 more trees, climate adaptation and an ambition to become the world’s first carbon-neutral capital.

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